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Quality And Efficiency Go Hand In Hand


Refine Tile is a full service ceramic tile fabricator that offers a broad range of products and services. Located in the heartland of America is a 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant where we produce mosaics, bullnose, digitally printed cove base, and commercially rated porcelain tile.


For Refine Tile, quality and efficiency go hand in hand. In addition to using the latest technologies available in the ceramic industry, a skilled and well-trained staff inspects each piece to ensure that we deliver quality products in a timely manner. Our products enhance and complete the look of a room. With expert designers, quality, service, and competitive prices.


We strive to produce products and services of exceptional quality that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Refine Tile understands that in today’s competitive world, the price of our services and products is critical to your bottom line as well as ours. We are committed to investing in our operations to become very efficient and cost effective, thereby allowing us to offer competitive prices to you. In today’s competitive marketplace, innovation is the tie breaker that separates leaders from competitors. We will lead with innovation in all areas of our business from how we develop and market our products and services to how we manufacture and deliver those products and services.

Since our establishment in 2009, Refine Tile has integrated into the thriving ceramic tile industry in the Southeastern region of the United States. We always work with our core values in mind. The name "Refine" has a dual meaning to those of us who founded the company. In addition to describing our core services – we refine tile into mosaics, bullnose and digitally printed cove base – we are all being refined by life. Tile is more beautiful once fully fired and the same is true with life: when we pass through the fires and storms of life we begin to seek a greater purpose and leave a lasting legacy. Refine prides itself on the quality, service and uniqueness of the services we provide to our customers. Just as important, we strive to improve the lives of our dedicated workers and their families as well as give back to our community and others in need.


" Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord"

- Colossians 3:23


We have people trained in ceramic design, engineering, and production. This combined skill set helps us create your custom tile. Work with us and allow us to create an original product for you, our design services provide endless opportunities.

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