We deliver high quality cove base digital printing.

Our digitally printed cove base is completely customizable. Our graphic designers match the color and design of your field tile. Using our cove base formats, available in either smooth or textured, our printers glaze and print your samples with our state-of-the-art digital printing system.

Our cove base color range

Our graphic design team will create high resolution images from a sampling of your field tile, these images are then processed through our color profiling system and digitally printed on a glazed 6" x 12" cove base structure. We can print multiple faces of the cove base to achieve a natural, random appearance to match your field tile.

Smooth      or    Textured

Your choice of smooth or textured bisque is printed with a high resolution image, then sample pieces then go in the kiln and are shipped to your for approval. Your approved images are printed, fired and carefully packed for shipping while being monitored for quality and consistency along the way.

We also offer inside and outside corners as well as a flat top cove base version.

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